Sunflower 9920

Sunflower 9920

The Sunflower 9900 Air Car is the perfect complement to the 9800 Single Disc Air Drill. Fact is, the combination not only creates the industry’s most accurate seeding machine, but it provides the versatility to efficiently meet the needs of virtually any farming practice. Take your choice of two versions of the two-axle Model 9920, for exceptional tow-behind performance. The 9920-335 has a 200-bushel tank in the front and a 135-bushel tank in the rear, while the 9920-280 has a 168-bushel tank in the front and a 112-bushel tank in the rear. All models feature stainless steel commodity tanks for even more versatility and value on your investment.

Quick Specs

  • Working Width: 11' - 5"
  • Transport Height: 12' - 8" to 13' - 4"
  • Weight: 8500 - 8750 lbs
  • Capacity: 280 - 335 Bushels

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