Massey Ferguson DM Triple Mower

Massey Ferguson DM Triple Mower

Progressive-minded hay producers everywhere are discovering the extraordinary benefits of the triple mower, or “butterfly mower” approach to cutting hay. Delivering a faster cut and a quality crop, these smart, simple, cost-efficient mowers attach directly to your high horsepower tractor and can be attached or removed when needed – allowing you to maximize the use of your tractor, year-round. Most butterfly mowers available today are designed in a vacuum – independent of a particular tractor brand. But now, Massey Ferguson offers you our own custom brand of triple mowers, designed to work seamlessly with our industry-leading high horsepower tractors.

Quick Specs

  • Options: Time Conditioner or No Conditioner
  • Width: 9.8" (Front)
  • Width: 30.5' (Rear)
  • PTO HP: Front 90 (TC), 75 (NC)
  • PTO HP: Rear 200 (TC), 175 (NC)

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