Massey Ferguson 8700S Series


The new touch of high horsepower & precision farming

The New MF 8700 S Series is aimed at customers looking for a new touch of high horse power and a precision farming tractor with inspired design and optimized efficiency. The New MF 8700 S with its powerful new styling is designed to captivate you from the start. The NEW MF light bar and iconic MF triple triangle logo is at the heart of the ‘S’ effect distinctive styling, the full embodiment of MF’s power, design and engineering quality.


MF 8727 S

MF 8730 S

MF 8732 S

MF 8735 S

MF 8737 S

MF 8740 S


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New generation AGCO Power engines provide levels of torque and horse-power unsurpassed in conventional tractor design, from the minimum of fuel.

  • AGCO POWER 6 cylinder 8.4 l engines generate power from 270 to 405 hp.
  • Maintenance free All-in-One Stage V after-treatment technology combining a Soot catalyst (SC) with the current SCR catalyst. Both are combining maintenance free operation with improved visibility.
  • Maintenance free valve clearance thanks to hydraulic tappet which seld adjust the valve clearance. This reduce by a lot the maintenance cost of the tractor.
  • External EGR for improved fuel economy and DEF consumption.
  • Twin Turbocharger with electronic waste gate installation for higher power capacities and best engine response at all engine revs.


Once you have selected the mode in which you wish to drive the tractor – via the foot pedal, with the armrest lever or even with the Power Control lever – you can then focus on the work. Forward and reverse speeds and rate of acceleration can be pre-set and are maintained automatically, and stored in the tractor memory after shut-down for later use, making any operation requiring regular shuttling far less tiring.

Dyna-VT offers stepless travel from 0.03 to 40 or 50 km/h* at any engine speed, operated via two speed ranges. This means it is always possible to achieve the correct operating speed for the conditions and for the implement being used, and it is always possible to achieve the optimum engine speed to maximise work rate and minimise fuel consumption. Engine speed and forward speed are independent of each other, and forward speed can be instantaneously increased or decreased under full load to maximise output and maximise work quality.

Depending on the tractor type specified, Dyna-VT can be operated via either a T-bar controller or the Multipad joystick on the righthand armrest. Speed variation is also possible through the steering column-mounted PowerShuttle lever.


Best-in-class features in the ‘Panorama’ cab make it the best workplace ever from Massey Ferguson offering the highest levels of comfort, quietness, visibility, space, access and technology. Designed by Massey Ferguson, this spacious, four-post cab ensures operators work in superb comfort with exceptional visibility and control.

With its Generation 3, the MF 8700 S is not standing on its laurels offering more safety and convenience without compromise to the operator. Massey Ferguson consider that operator’s safety can’t be an option and introduced a new standard series of equipment to drastically reduce the risk of accidents.


Efficient is the entry specification package for the MF 8700 S series but you will notice that it is anything but basic. Dedicated to delivering increased productivity thanks to key features, the Efficient specification will enable the operator to work really fast, to a higher standard, with more accuracy together with high levels of comfort, ergonomics and reliability. It provides all the key elements with a blend of simplicity and ease of use, with all key functions ergonomically grouped in the Control Command Centre armrest.


You’ll always find the usual necessities within our cabs but we always strive to push operator comfort and control to the next level. That’s why the Exclusive package comes with dramatic new features that will help to improve further your working day.

The Exclusive MF 8700 S Package is dedicated to the more intense, large scale operator looking for more advanced features that will ensure cost effective benefits for their business.


First introduced in 1986, the Datatronic is now in its 5th Generation, redesigned in order to create a more intuitive Precision Farming experience, providing a system that delivers a straightforward an easy to use experience, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The Datatronic 5 features a larger 9 inch touch screen, easy-to-use and intuitive arrangement, similar to the latest generations smart-phones or tablets.

The Datatronic 5 and Massey Ferguson’s Technology Package is a key asset for enhancing Precision Farming. Making agriculture more profitable and sustainable for the New Generation of Farmers.


MF Section Control is the new Precision Farming solution from Massey Ferguson providing with the most advanced and most efficient Section Control feature. With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or pesticides without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges. With the aid of the straightforward an easy to use Section Control assistant, the operators can set the correction values for each implement, quickly and easily. The system uses the tractor’s GPS system to automatically turn on and off individual sections in areas that have already been covered which automatically results in economical application and enhanced yields.


Connected technologies offered by the new AgCommand® website enable your Massey Ferguson Dealer to help you manage your equipment to maximize uptime and productivity, while reducing operating costs. That leaves you totally free to focus on improving your farm business.

MF Connected Services is a collection of intuitive technology features and best-in-class dealer support that make your life as an MF Customer easy, more profitable and efficient: from remembering to book a due service interval, to planning preventative maintenance to avoid any downtime when you need the job done, to monitoring your machine and fleet performance.

With Massey Ferguson Connected Services, AgCommand® and your MF Dealer, you can rest assure you are in good hands.


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