Lemken Gigant Carrier


A single carrier for any use

The two system carriers, Gigant 10 and Gigant 12, offer the unique possibility to use different LEMKEN implements with a single carriage efficiently in the field. Both system carriers have two hydraulic three-point linkages for mounting a Heliodor or Rubin compact disc harrow, a Smaragd disc cultivator or a System-Kompaktor seedbed combination, depending on the work to be done. This multiple use saves double and triple investment costs for the carriage, brake system and hydraulic implement folding device. The individual working sections can additionally be used without the system carrier with smaller standard tractors.


Gigant 10 - Heliodor

Gigant 12 - Heliodor

Gigant 10 - Rubin

Gigant 12 - Rubin


Gigant Carrier - Heliodor

The Heliodor compact disc harrow from LEMKEN uses two rows of discs individually mounted to leaf springs. This system provides a uniform cultivation depth, whilst allowing individual discs to ride over stones when necessary. During stubble cultivation the discs ensure soil and vegetation are evenly and intensively mixed.

The Heliodor can be used for seedbed preparation in conventional and minimumtillage procedures. Hydraulically adjustable spring-loaded levelling tines (option) reliably level the soil after the plough.

A variety of rollers are available from the LEMKEN roller product range for depth control and reconsolidation. This allows the Heliodor to be ideally tailored to meet the various conditions prevailing in modern agriculture.

The Heliodor is available in working widths of three to twelve metres, meaning there is a machine to suit every farming operation.

The new Heliodor 9 features discs with 510 mm diameter, that is 45 mm larger than its predecessor. This results in a considerably longer service life, and the implement’s working depth can additionally be increased by 2 cm to 14 cm. As the unique disc position of the LEMKEN compact disc harrows has proven so successful over many years, both cutting angle and undercut have been retained without change. The high-quality, maintenance-free axial angular ball bearings are also still the same as in the Heliodor 8.

• Hydraulically folding with 8, 10, 12 and 16 metres working widths. Transport width of less than 3 metres and a transport height of less than 4 metres.

Gigant Carrier - Rubin

Space between the two rows of discs is 107 cm. This, together with the open frame of the Rubin, ensures blockagefree operation even when there are large amounts of organic material.

Discs are spaced at 250mm intervals, across the width of the machine, to allow free flow of material between them. The rear run row offset to the front row giving an overall spacing of 125mm.

Each row of the scalloped discs has height and angle adjustable rebound harrows, controlling the soil flow from the discs and, when working diagonally across the rows, helping to complete a thorough straw distribution.

Additional outer levelling discs enable exact alignment with previous bouts without forming ridges. Each disc is attached to the frame by an offset leg to enable a precise setting.

Due to the combination of the position of the disc and its angle, ease of penetration is maximised even in hard ground conditions.

Easy handling and excellent quality of work

The overall combination of the Gigant system trac and the mounted working sections only requires two double-acting control units.

• The sections are folded in with one control unit, and the second one is used to raise and lower the implement segments at the headlands.

• Because the wheels of the Gigant system trac run in front of the working sections, the cultivated area remains free of wheel tracks.

• The clearance between the implements is also much larger with the Gigant 10 compared to conventional cultivators with a carriage within the cultivator frame. For this reason, especially when operating the Gigant system trac with Smaragd working sections that are available with up to 12 metres working width, clogging is practically impossible.

Hydraulic Depth Adjustment

All Gigant Heliodor and Gigant Rubin models are optionally available with hydraulic working depth adjustment. Each roller segment is controlled individually to maintain optimum surface adaptation even with large working widths.

• A master-slave control ensures that cylinders are evenly adjusted.

• The working depth can therefore be adjusted to a wide range of working conditions easily, quickly and comfortably from the tractor seat.

The two top links can additionally be adjusted hydraulically to adapt the working section angle to the working depth.

• The ability to adjust the working angle quickly is particularly important for variable soil conditions to prevent any lateral pull in compact disc harrows.

• The transport height of the Gigant Rubin 9 with hydraulic depth adjustment is over 4 metres.

Optimum Ground Adaptation

Every single working section in the Gigant has an additional self-levelling system via sub-segments, guaranteeing precise maintenance of the working depth across the whole working width. This is particularly advantageous when seedbed preparation must be performed in the spring after a coarse winter furrow.

Gigantic on the field – narrow on the road

With the Gigant 10 system trac, driving from one field to another is easy and safe with three metres transport width for any implement combination. The Gigant 12 has a transport width of 3.5 or 4 metres, depending on the tires fitted. A choice of dual line air pressure brake system or a hydraulic braking system is available. Even at high transport speeds, they always guarantee sufficient deceleration. The entire LEMKEN system trac can be parked with the mounted working sections, compactly and securely.

Lemken Gigant Video Overview


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