Lemken Rubin 12 Series


Compact disc harrow with deep impact

With the Rubin 12, LEMKEN’s range of compact disc harrows includes an implement that can operate at the same 20 cm working depth as a cultivator. The Rubin 12 is therefore suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even in very heavy soil conditions.


Mounted, Rigid

Semi-Mounted, Hydraulic Fold


Video Overview: Lemken Rubin 12

Durable Disc Bearings

The concave disc bearings of Rubin 12 are designed as maintenance-free angular ball bearings, so that there is no need to grease or adjust them. The maintenance effort of Rubin 12 is therefore minimal.

• An internal six fold cassette sealing ensures optimum protection of the bearing against dust and moisture.

• The bearing housing is protected against coarse dirt and it‘s special shape also prevents crop wrapping.

Overload protection and spring elements

Each concave disc is individually attached to the frame with pre-tensioned spring elements.

• Even in harder soils, the working depth is accurately maintained.

• The discs are always true track following.

• When hitting obstacles, the concave discs independently deflect upwards and rapidly return to their working position.

• Optimal pressure exertion on each disc and, in contrast to rubber stops, an exactly maintained working position and a constant tripping force.

• Maintenance-free bracket bearing.

Large Disc Diameter

The serrated Rubin 12 concave discs, with a diameter of 736 mm and a material thickness of 6 mm, represent a new performance class among the short disc harrows.

• These allow working depths of up to 20 cm, which were previously only achieved with cultivators.