Massey Ferguson 2800M Series


Premium machines for those who demand more.

Getting more out of your tractor is the name of the game. More comfort, convenience, and ease-of-operation. More productive and time-saving features. More versatility. All making it truly a premium ownership experience, and giving you even more reasons to make this tractor your own.


2850 M

2855 M

2860 M



A 2.43-liter 4-cylinder engine is featured on the 2800M models. These engines are turbocharged for extra power, are liquid-cooled and offer direct fuel injection for high efficiency and exceptional fuel economy. And they also provide the torque reserve that lets you lug down without stalling—and keep pace when the going gets tough. What’s more—because of the extra power available at lower RPMs, you can throttle back and run the engine at lower speeds—reducing noise, lowering engine wear and tear. And for those bitter cold mornings when you’ve got cattle to feed or snow to move—standard glow plugs provide sure-fire cold starts.


With a new M Series compact—you get the power of choice: a rugged gear or hydrostatic transmission. The power shuttle gear transmission features four synchronized gears and three speed ranges, giving you 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. The power shuttle lets you find just the right speed for the job at hand—to as low as a 1/4 mile per hour for planting vegetables or moving fragile loads—up to a brisk 15 mph transport speed. If your jobs are primarily mowing or other tasks where consistent operating speeds are needed—the power shuttle makes for a great choice.

Looking for an easier, smoother operating experience? Go with the hydrostatic transmission. It lets you choose an infinite range of speeds within three ranges. Operations with frequent speed and direction changes make this transmission an excellent choice. And notice the dual foot pedal controls. Press the left to go forward—your speed increases as you press it forward. Now to change directions—press the right pedal to reverse. These foot pedals are simple, intuitive—and far less tiresome than the treadle-pedal design found on other tractors in this class.


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