Sunflower 1234

Sunflower 1234

Whether you’re discing wheat stubble after harvest or preparing a seedbed prior to spring planting, the Model 1234 Disc Harrow has the adaptability to handle the job. The all-welded frame on this medium-weight model still has the brawn required for uniform penetration in tough soils; yet excellent flotation when a lighter touch is needed. Either way, you’re assured of uniform depth control and level discing via your choice of 22- or 24-inch, full-concavity disc blades. In addition, three flexible sections ensure the 1234 follows the contours for smooth, even tillage in any field. Of course, like all Sunflower disc harrows, the 1234 is loaded with features that give it a distinctive edge over competitive brands.

Quick Specs

  • Model: 6 Widths
  • Cutting Width: 18' - 11" to 32' - 8"
  • Transport Height: 10' - 2" to 15' - 4"
  • Weight: 9829 - 17098 lbs
  • Weight per Foot: 517 - 534 lbs

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