Sunflower 4233

Sunflower 4233

The Sunflower Model 4233 Coulter Chisel is the obvious answer for large-acreage farmers who need to take fall tillage to a higher level of productivity. Designed to handle higher horsepower tractors, the 4233 features the same heavy-duty construction as the 4213, but in three-section, 17 through 23 shank configurations. Yet, its flexible frame easily conforms to changing field contours.

Spring-cushioned coulter gangs feature 7 1/2” blade spacing to effectively manage residue levels, while ground-penetrating shanks open the field for maximum moisture absorption. Don’t take a chance of not getting over fields after harvest 3 or delaying planting of next year’s crop. Put the 4233 to work for acreage-eating performance.

Quick Specs

  • Model: 4 Widths
  • Type: Coulter Chisel
  • Cutting Width: 21' - 3" to 28' - 9"
  • Weight: 12804 - 17047 lbs

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