Sunflower 4213

Sunflower 4213

With coulters spaced every 7 1/2” and shanks on 15” centers, not much gets past the Sunflower Model 4213 Coulter Chisel. Hydraulically adjusted coulter gangs effectively size and cut residue to eliminate plugging and the need for shredding or discing before ripping. The rigid shearbolt or auto-reset shanks, meanwhile, completely fracture hardpans to a depth of 12” to 14”, breaking up soil compaction that a wider-spaced shank arrangement would miss. Whether it’s used in the fall or the spring, the 4213 is the perfect answer for removing soil compaction, while opening up the surface for improved water intake and reduced erosion.

Quick Specs

  • Model: 5 Widths
  • Type: Coulter Chisel
  • Cutting Width: 8' - 9" to 18' - 9"
  • Weight: 6068 - 10692 lbs

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