Massey Ferguson 1512

Massey Ferguson 1512

Available in three sizes, Massey Ferguson 1500 Series vertical fold wheel rakes are ideal for the producer who occasionally needs a rake for pulling two windrows together, turning damp windrows or windrowing hay that has been mowed, tedded or laid down in swaths. Choose between the 8-wheel 1508 model with raking widths up to 20 feet, the 10-wheel 1510 model with a maximum raking width of 22 feet or the 12-wheel 1512 model with raking widths to 24 feet.

1500S Super wheel rakes offer producers additional features and capabilities over standard 1500 Series wheel rakes while keeping the same economical price point and easy to use design. 1500 Series wheel rakes are available in 10- or 12-wheel configurations with a maximum working width of 22’ or 24’. They utilize a robust, high clearance frame paired with 5” larger rake wheels to handle larger windrows. Additionally, the rakes offer 10 raking positions within their defined working widths, so the operator can precisely match working width and windrow formation to the specific needs of their operation. 1500S Series rakes allow operators to lift either the left or right wing individually to form a single windrow from either side. This is especially useful when cleaning up a field or working around obstacles.

Quick Specs

  • Wheels: 12
  • Working Width: 20' to 24'
  • Transport Width: 10' 6"

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